December 4, 2012 by Doug Moore


MYTH:  The bed bugs have been exterminated but I still itch and get occasional bites.

Although rare, there are cases of chitin hypersensitivity which is a temporary condition that can be brought on by contact with bed bugs. Effectively you become sensitive to the compounds in the insect’s shells which can, if present, cause an itch and in some cases what appears to be a bite.  Researchers have even witnessed someone showing a bite response to a dead insect when it was placed on their skin. The only solution is deep cleaning to a hypoallergenic level to remove all the traces of insect casings from the property and your possessions. This can be time consuming and is best done by a cleaning team as it reduces your exposure to the irritants.

MYTH:  Bed bugs don’t like metal beds.

Although it is true that metal beds are less hospitable to bed bugs, simply replacing all beds with metal ones will not cure a bed bug problem.  In some cases, because there are not as many obvious hiding places for bed bugs in metal beds, they can make the matter worse.

MYTH:  You can’t bring bed bugs back from vacation or a business trip because they will not survive the temperatures of the plane’s cargo hold.

Bed bugs are a lot more resilient than many people give them credit for. They can survive at low temperatures, even below freezing, for significant lengths of time.  Unless you are planning on staying in the air for several days don’t rely upon this as a way of decontaminating.  Isolate your bags before they re-enter your property and make sure they are treated correctly.

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