Where Else Can You Find Bed Bugs?

March 12, 2013 by Doug Moore


When it comes to bed bugs info, one of the most important pieces of information that people often want to know is where to find them. As their name clearly implies, these blood-loving parasites take residence in your bed, but that’s not the only place you can find them. And if you’re hoping to avoid an infestation, it’s really important that you know where you look for them.

Cracks and Crevices

This is a more general description of where to locate bed bugs. The trick is to realize that these little critters will hide in any crack or crevice in your house they can find. The insects are quite small, which means they can easily squeeze into the recesses found throughout your home. This is why locating them, and especially getting rid of them, can be quite difficult.

Inside Your Walls

A very common place to find the aforementioned cracks and crevices is within your walls. Over time, small gaps develop from age or general damage, providing bed bugs with an easy way to get inside. Once there, they take up residence and only leave when they’re on the hunt for your blood. Plus, during the winter, your walls are an ideal location for the bed bugs to avoid the cold weather outside. And since the heartiest bed bugs can live up to a year without feeding, a bed bug might call your wall home for quite a while.

Living in Furniture

One piece of bed bugs info that you must be aware of is that your bed is only one type of furniture that these insects will take refuge inside. For the most part, any piece of furniture with gaps and seams are vulnerable. Between the cushions of a couch or chair, for example, is a perfect place for a bed bug to set up shop.

Public Transportation

A bit of bed bug info that you might not normally consider is the fact that your house isn’t the only place where you might come into contact with them. Many people in recent years have reported witnessing bed bugs on public transportation, whether it’s a train, bus, airplane, or taxi. This is because bed bugs love to hitch a ride onto your clothing and can easily fall off onto the seat of one of these public transportation vehicles.

Clothing Stores

In general, bed bugs can make their way into nearly any type of store, but clothing stores seem to be more vulnerable. Well-known stores have been forced to temporarily close their doors to get rid of the pests. Some people believe that this is more common in places where used clothes are shipped in, because they might not have been thoroughly checked before being sent.

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