How to Help Make Your Bed Room Bedbug-Free

May 20, 2013 by Doug Moore


There are a lot of products in the market that claim to kill bed bugs or trap them.  Many are placed in the check-out lines of the big box home stores and are there to entice you to make an impulse purchase.

But what can you really do to make your bed a safe haven where you can rest peacefully without the worry of getting bitten by bed bugs? 

A few products I have researched and strongly believe can help provide you with genuine peace of mind are:

1.  Mattress and box spring encasements – a bedbug-bite proof encasement on both your mattress and box spring does two things for you. 

First, if there are any bed bugs in your mattress and box spring, they will be trapped there and will die in about 3-4 months.  Secondly, the encasements eliminate all the hiding places bed bugs love – the piping around the edge of the mattress, any buttons on the top of the mattress, vents, handles, and even the tag.

When you make your bed, all you need to do is quickly look at the surface of the encasement for any blood smears (squooshed bed bugs) or fecal matter – no more close examination of the bedding with a magnifying glass and flashlight.

2.  Climb-Up® Interceptors these talc covered cups are placed under the legs of your bed.  Any bed bugs in the room that will be attracted to you by your body heat and carbon dioxide you exhale while you sleep, will be trapped in the cup.  A quick examination every morning will indicate whether you have a bed bug issue or not.

3.  Passive Bed Bug Monitors – By placing one of these monitors on the wall near your headboard, you can see evidence of any bed bugs that may be in your room.

4.  Active Bed Bug Monitors – This monitor has an internal cachet that attracts bed bugs which will be caught in the glue surrounding the cachet.

There are many, many other great products that you can use.  Check them out on our website here.

For more information about bed bugs, heat treatment, and canine bed bug scent detection, click here.

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