Five Frequent Signs of Bed Bug Bites

October 29, 2013 by Doug Moore


Bed bugs bites aren’t easy to identify and are commonly confused with bites from mosquitoes or other insects. So if you have unexplained bites on your body and you’re worried that they may be from bed bugs, it’s useful to know these five signs of bed bugs bites.

1. The bites itch like crazy. When bitten by bed bugs, many people develop red welts that become severely itchy. In fact, a health concern of bed bugs bites is scratching until you break the skin, leaving yourself susceptible to infection.

Not all people have this reaction, however, and some people have no reaction at all, even when bitten repeatedly. So if one person has itchy red welts and another person in the home—even someone who sleeps in the same bed—does not, you still can’t discount the possibility of bed bugs.

2. The bites are in rows. The exact reason for this isn’t known. One theory is that bed bugs are so sensitive to motion that if you move even slightly in your sleep, they withdraw their mouthparts and move a very short distance to bite again. Another possibility is that bed bugs line up in a row to feed because they’re at a common “stopping place” (e.g., along a row in a sheet).

3. You notice bites in the morning that weren’t there the night before. This obviously could be one of the signs of bed bugs bites. But bites often don’t show up right away, so when they appear a day or so later (or even a week later!), it’s difficult to pinpoint when the bite occurred. Nevertheless, people react differently to bed bugs bites, so if you’re consistently able to spot bites that weren’t there when you went to sleep, there’s a good chance you have bed bugs.

4. You see bed bugs or evidence of them. Because of the difficulty of diagnosing bed bugs bites—even by doctors—it’s necessary to look around your home to confirm that what you think are signs of bed bugs bites truly are. Not only will you need to look for bed bugs themselves, also look for small areas of dark spotting and staining (their dried excrement) around cracks and crevices, smeared blood spots on your sheets (engorged bed bugs you crushed while moving in your sleep), discarded skins from molting bed bugs, and bed bug eggs.

5. A bed bug specialist finds them. Bed bugs are naturally very adept at hiding, so even if your home is infested, it’s easy to miss them. Therefore, the surest way to confirm that any signs of bed bugs bites are really due to bed bugs is to hire a canine scent detection team to “sniff them out”.

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