Cheap Bed Bug Monitors

February 26, 2014 by Doug Moore


Bed bug monitors are a very good thing. They come in two types: active and passive.

Passive bed bug monitors just sit there and wait for bed bugs to happen upon them.

They come in different designs, which serve different purposes. The ones which have been utilized by a good number of my clients are ClimbUp Interceptors and BBAlert Passive Monitors.

Active bed bug monitors actively attract bed bugs. Inexpensive active monitors use heat or CO2 to attract bed bugs.

Interceptor/Pitfall Bed Bug Monitors

ClimbUp™ Interceptors are pitfall/interceptor monitors, which you place under your bed’s legs.  (You may also be able to use them under a sofa or chair).  The idea is that bugs will get stuck either crawling onto or off of the trap, and you will therefore not only be able to know if you have bed bugs, but which direction they’re coming from. 

This is the view from above of a ClimbUp™ Interceptor with bed bugs caught in it.  (Your bed or sofa leg would go into the center.)


(Photo All Rights Reserved, Susan McKnight.)

Bed bug interceptors are more effective than visual inspections for determining the presence/absence of bed bugs and estimating bed bug numbers.

In addition, they can effectively detect low levels of bed bug infestation. Because interceptors remove bed bugs, they also provide immediate relief to residents from bites and reduce the need for insecticide applications as they catch the bugs.

Another alternative is to hire a canine bed bug scent detection service to have bed bug sniffing dogs inspect your home to determine exactly where the bed bugs are.

For more information about bed bugs, heat treatment, and canine bed bug scent detection, click here.

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