Bed Bug Safety Tips When Going Off to Summer Camp

July 7, 2014 by Doug Moore


Summer camp is a great experience for kids! Horseback riding, canoeing, campfire cookouts … all a ton of fun. But, bed bugs are lurking out there! Here are some surefire tips to keep the kids safe while at Camp Wannahokipoki:

Before heading off to camp:

  • Check the surrounding area of the camp for bed bug reports.
  • Call the camp and ask if they encase their mattresses (or take other precautions) against bed bugs.

Bed Bug packing list:

  • Send your kids off with pictures of bed bugs and bed bug bites so they’ll know what to look for.
  • Use trunks or at least sturdy luggage rather than soft luggage, making it more difficult for bed bugs to climb.
  • Use a bed bug luggage liner to keep the contents safe while traveling, and it’s also useful as a drawer liner.
  • Use a bed bug laundry bag for both clean and dirty clothes.
  • Pack 1% Hydrocortisone cream just in case you get any insect bites.
  • Pack rubbing alcohol to be able to kill any spotted bed bug eggs or bed bugs
  • Bring anti-bed bug pillow encasements.
  • Pack a flashlight for a bed bug search (and may come in handy for that camp out as well).

Welcome to camp! What now?

  • Pick the bed farthest away from any wood structures or headboards – where bed bugs are likely to hide.
  • Take out those bed bug pictures and flashlight and check around the bed and mattress seams for possible indications of a bed bug infestation.
  • If bed bugs are found, notify your counselor as soon as possible – to prevent them from spreading.
  • Keep your bunk as tidy as possible – the more clutter, the more room for bed bugs to camp out with you!
  • Don’t share your s’mores with bed bugs, or they’ll never leave!

For more information about bed bugs, heat treatment, and canine bed bug scent detection, click here.

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