Philly Retains Top Spot in 5th Annual Ranking of Most Bed Bug Infested Cities

August 9, 2014 by Doug Moore


This is no surprise to us! We probably spend 75% of our time in Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs! Here’s the list:

Terminix® released its fifth annual ranking of the most bedbug infested cities in the United States, with Philadelphia, PA retaining the top spot for the third consecutive year.

The 2014 list of Most-Infested Bedbug Cities include:

1. Philadelphia, PA
2. Cincinnati, Ohio
3. New York City, N.Y.
4. Detroit, Mich.
5. Chicago, Ill.
6. Boston, Mass.
7. Dallas, Texas
8. Columbus, Ohio
9. Baltimore, Md.
10. Washington, D.C.
11. Houston, Texas
12. Denver, Colo.
13. Indianapolis, Ind.
14. Los Angeles, Calif.
15. Cleveland, Ohio

The list was created by compiling inbound call data from the more than 300 Terminix branches across the country. The rankings represent the Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) with the highest volume of calls between January 1 and June 30, 2014.

“Since pioneering this annual list five years ago, Terminix has helped bring to light an epidemic that can lead to a variety of negative physical health, mental health and economic consequences,” said Stan Cope, PhD and entomologist with Terminix. “Recent evidence suggests that severe bedbug infestations may be associated with anemia and that bedbug bites can result in secondary infections due to excessive scratching. Infestations can cause emotional stress and irritability, so if you think you have an issue with bedbugs, we recommend contacting a professional immediately.”

The majority of bed bug calls are for residential treatment, but we’ve seen a significant uptick in servicing public areas such as buses, movie theaters and retail stores as well.

Bed bugs’ small, flat bodies make them experts at hiding. They are often found in seams of mattresses, box springs, bed frames, headboards, luggage and folded clothing, and can remain hidden for long periods of time without a blood meal. The most obvious way to detect the presence of bedbugs is bite marks to the body.

However, marks may take up to 3-4 weeks to appear and can be highly variable in appearance, so look for other signs such as exoskeletons of bed bugs, live bed bugs in mattress seams, a sweet musty odor, and rusty-colored blood spots on mattresses and sheets.

Bed bugs generally bite while you are sleeping, so you often do not realize you’ve been bitten until marks appear. These marks are similar to that of a mosquito, with a slightly swollen, red area that may itch or be irritated.

If you suspect bedbugs in your home or business, give us a call and we’ll get our bed bug hunting beagles to do an inspection of your home or office.

For more information about bed bugs, heat treatment, and canine bed bug scent detection, click here.

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