Bed Bug Safety Tips When Living in Multi-unit Housing

February 18, 2015 by Doug Moore


When you live in a multi-unit home, your neighbors are practically right on top of you. This can be good or bad, depending on the people. But, one thing is for sure, if they get bed bugs, you probably will too. Unless, of course, you take some steps to protect yourself and your family.

Bedbug tips for multi-unit housing:

  • Talk about bed bugs often; what bed bugs look like, and where they hide. The more your neighbors know about bed bugs, the more likely they are to spot an infestation before it spreads.
  • Inspect for bed bugs regularly
  • Vacuum regularly, especially in typical bed bug infestation locations, such as around the bed, headboards, baseboards, edges of carpets etc.
  • Encase every mattress and box spring against bed bugs using certified encasements.
  • Travel bed bug free with Bug Zip Luggage Encasements
  • Reduce clutter, not only in your apartment, but in the hallways as well.
  • If ANYONE in the building suspects bed bugs, notify your landlord immediately before the infestation gets out of control.
  • Report bed bugs to your local housing authority and online so that others in your building and neighborhood are aware and can take the necessary precaution.
  • Know the laws: each state has a different view on who is responsible to pay for extermination when bed bugs invade: You? Your landlord? Your messy neighbor? Look up your local housing authority to find out your rights and responsibilities.
  • If bed bugs do infest your building, cooperate with your landlord and the other tenants to best ensure the quickest and most effective bed bug eradication effort.
  • If not included in the pest control treatment, request that your neighbors encase their mattresses, luggage, laundry, etc. in bed bug free products.

For more information about bed bugs, heat treatment, and canine bed bug scent detection, click here.

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