Bed Bug Safety Tips When Flying

February 26, 2015 by Doug Moore


Travel is the most common way bed bugs are spread. Don’t leave your safety up in the air!

Take some simple steps to protect yourself and your family from these blood sucking bed bugs!

Tips to protect against bed bugs when flying:

  • When making flight reservations, ask the airline representative what steps they take to keep bed bugs out of their passenger areas.
  • Personally inspect your seating and surrounding area.
  • Look for shed bed bug skins/shells, reddish brown streaks or spots and bed bug eggs – you may even see the bugs themselves in a bad infestation.
  • Use a travel pillow with an encasement  –  never use an airline-provided pillow (besides, they’ll probably charge you for it!)
  • If you see any signs of bed bugs, notify the cabin crew immediately.
  • When packing your luggage, use a large zip-lock luggage bag both for checked and carry on baggage. Use this bag to keep your luggage in during your hotel stay.
  • Use a second large zip-lock bag to keep your checked baggage bed bug-free while it’s stowed in the overhead bin during the flight.
  • As you de-plane and retrieve your luggage from the overhead bin, leave the zip-lock bag behind.
  • What you’ve just done is isolate your luggage from all the other travelers’ luggage (and any bed bugs hitch hiking on their luggage.
  • Be sure to carefully inspect any checked luggage once you claim it from the carousel. If you spot bed bugs or eggs, notify the baggage office immediately, and ask for assistance.

For more information about bed bugs, heat treatment, and canine bed bug scent detection, click here.

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