How to Keep Yourself Safe From Bed Bugs When Traveling

May 26, 2015 by Doug Moore


After you’ve checked into the hotel and opened the door to your room, keep your bags near the door and remove the flashlight from your bag.  You did bring a flashlight, didn’t you? Well, next time you will!

Check out the bindings around the edges of the mattress and especially the box spring.  Look for black, dirty markings – this is where the bed bugs live, lay eggs, and defecate. Yes, it’s very skeevy! Since the bed is made up daily by the housekeeping staff – and you assume they have been instructed by the hotel management to keep an eye out for the same things you’re looking for – you hopefully won’t find anything here.

Next, cast your eyes to the head of the bed.  Is there a headboard attached to the wall?  It may simply be a cloth-covered board hanging on the wall.  Give it a pop from the bottom with the heel of your hand.  It’ll most likely just be suspended on a thin strip of wood screwed into the wall and should come off fairly easily.

Take the flashlight and look at the back of the board – yup, probably a lot of dust and dirt, but are there a number of “things” crawling around?  This is where bed bugs love to hide!  It’s dark, quiet, never disturbed – unlike the bed which is disturbed on a daily basis.  And…’s close to their favorite meal…….YOU!

Naturally, if you find bed bugs or evidence of bed bugs (cast skins, fecal matter, dead bed bugs) call the front desk and demand another room.

If everything is okay, don’t unpack your clothing – work out of your roll-aboard luggage.  Use a BugZip Luggage and Clothing Encasement bag (don’t forget to leave it in the room when you vacate it).

On your way back home there is a simple thing you can do to protect yourself against bed bugs on the plane.

When you’ve arrived at your seat on the plane, remove the second BugZip Luggage and Clothing Encasement bag you’ve packed and place your roll-aboard luggage in it and zip it up before you place it in the overhead luggage compartment.

When you’re ready to de-plane, simply unzip the bag, remove your luggage, and leave the plastic bag in the overhead compartment.

Remember, upon returning from a business trip/vacation, your luggage is sitting with the luggage of all the other travelers who have stayed in numerous hotels.  Any bed bugs on their luggage have plenty of time to mosey over to your luggage and get comfortable for the ride back to your home. You may want to consider using a BugZip Luggage Bag on the first leg of your trip too!

When you arrive home, it wouldn’t hurt to immediately wash your clothing in hot water and detergent, and dry them in high heat for 30 minutes.  Anything that can’t be washed (shoes, belts, computer bags, backpacks, books, etc.) can be placed in a PackTite Portable Luggage Heater and heated to kill any bed bugs.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article.  For more information about bed bugs, please visit our website by clicking here.

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